50 Relaxing and Cozy Reading Corner Decor Ideas

32 Relaxing and Cozy Reading Corner Decor Ideas

Get creative with your space and make your home work harder by utilising every nook and cranny with these reading corner ideas. Whether you want to transform an under stairs alcove, or simply add an armchair to an unloved corner, we’ve got lots of quirky ideas to get you thinking, no matter what the shape or size of your house.

If your hallway is wide enough, optimise the space to create a cosy reading area to retreat to with a good book or take a break. Choose a tall floor lamp to save on space or use a small low-hanging pendant for directed lighting. Squeeze in a compact armchair or even a bench for comfy seating and show off your book collection on open shelving.

Take a look at these inspirational spaces to get you in the mood to create your own hideaway that’s perfect for taking some down time to relax.

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