65 Gorgeous Dark Bedroom Decorating Ideas

62 Gorgeous Dark Bedroom Decorating Ideas

While bedrooms are the perfect place to experiment with color palettes and decor choices that might seem too bold for the social areas of a home, these bedrooms take a more practical approach. Dark themes help to center the mind, creating an atmosphere of relaxation to help lull the resident to sleep each night. But not only are dark themed bedrooms practical, they are a great candidate for sophisticated design themes – restrained color palettes show a sense of discipline and targeted attention difficult to achieve with a more whimsical or playful approach.

Such a bold and limited palette can make almost any space feel minimalistic, but here, the smart use of subtle texture helps the bedroom remain interesting and immersive throughout. The clever use of artwork continues this practice of contrast by breaking up expanses of sharp angles with smooth flowing lines. Bold black and white meets greyscale only through the effect of light and shadow (with a few exceptions, like the carpet and details on the paintings). Overall, the room looks richly dark but not gloomy thanks to the abundance of pristine white surfaces to counteract the black features.

Get inspired by these stylish dark bedroom ideas…

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