70 Awesome Farmhouse Kitchen Decor with Open Shelves Ideas

55 Awesome Farmhouse Kitchen Decor with Open Shelves Ideas

Here’s the dilemma: You love the look of an open shelving kitchen, but your home style isn’t the farmhouse chic that caters to open shelving. While the open shelves suit the modern farmhouse style, you don’t have to redo your whole décor scheme to enjoy an open shelving kitchen.

This trend has taken over as the new inspiration and must-have for kitchen shelves. Luckily, it translates and enhances multiple design aesthetics, keeping you on-trend and your interior design scheme on point. An open shelving kitchen can match your current personal style, with just the right touches and care.

The use of exposed brick, wood, and metal ductwork that gives industrial style its unfinished, urban warehouse look lends itself to open shelving, since the aesthetic is the opposite of a traditional, classic kitchen. Kitchen hardware can be as exposed as a brick wall, allowing designers to be creative when installing shelving. Wooden kitchen shelves held with metal pipework are on-trend. The raw look of the metal plays against the warm of the wood, adding texture. Height is a staple in industrial design – the tall urban lofts, open warehouses, and reclaimed factory spaces do not have finished ceilings to hide the pipes and ductwork.

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