65 Low Maintenance Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

62 Low Maintenance Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

The summer season is for fun and family, trips to the pool, the amusement park and of course, the beach. Are your free days filled with lawn work, leaving little time to socialize? Perhaps this is the year you begin making changes to allow you to spend less time on the lawn. But, what about curb appeal and the value it adds to the home? Consider the following low maintenance landscaping ideas that actually improve curb appeal and free up more time for you to enjoy the summer.

Rock gardens can replace the lawn or part of it. Install a rock garden in sun or shade. Showy shade loving flowers such as Astilbe and Variegated Solomon’s Seal draw attention to the rock garden in a shady spot. A layer of mulch holds water in, so the chore of watering is necessary less often.

Plant easy-to-grow succulents like Sedum, Stonecrop, and Agave in full or partial sun. Succulents store water and grow well when surrounded with stones such as Red Lava Rock. Watering is limited with these plants, saving more time for you to do other things. Many of theses varieties offer several seasons of interest, making your year-round, low maintenance landscape more valuable due to the ease of care.

After a rainy day, your mulch can be anywhere the water run off carries it. River rock can offer a solution to this annoying problem: create a path for the water to travel along using river rock. This diverts the rain water and keeps the mulch in its place while adding interest to the landscape.

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